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Entrepreneur Seeking Business Partners

There are many avenues to connect with business partners and investors today, but picking a potential partner’s or investor’s interest and maintaining that interest long enough to bear fruit, requires some mastery. Before delving into the 10 time-tested ways to get in touch with the right business partner or investor, let’s take a quick look at the difference between these 2 partner types. 

Investors Looking For Entrepreneurs

Finding new investment opportunities that will be profitable with a fairly low risk can be as much of a challenge for you as an investor as it can be for a budding entrepreneur or startup business owner. In fact, you may not realize that as an investor in this situation, you actually have more in common with a business owner than you may think and possibly have a higher risk since your primary contribution is the money you invest, while the potential business partner will typically have brought other assets or skills to the venture that may or may not have monetary value.

Buying a Business Or a Franchise

While setting up a business may seem like the best bet to a majority of entrepreneurs; there are many advantages to buying an already established business for sale, some of them quite hard to overlook. For starters, the owner wouldn’t have to delve into the important aspects of building inventory, taking stock of the market and building a reputation, as these are indicators which accompany a good business model. 


USD 100,000,000

I am Mr.Jae Koo Hwang from South Korea.I am looking for individuals or companies seeking for fund ,for investments in projects . I have available […]

Wholesale and Retailing of Building Materials in the Central Business Marke...

USD 20,000

I am a Dietician by profession and my wife is an entrepreneur. We are seeking investors in our business. We retail and offer wholesale of […]

LED Lights Assembling in Uganda

USD 90,000

I am Mbayo Peter from Uganda and a Ugandan. I do assembling of LED lamps on small scale. I would like to increse the production […]


USD 45,000

I am Mbayo Peter a Ugandan. I do assembling of LED lights on small scale in region of 30-40 per day. For this reason I’m […]

$2000 Investment Needed

USD 2,000

Hello Iam a young entrepreneur with ambitious goals. Iam flexible and open minded Today Iam seeking for : 1). A $2000 investment for 30% of […]

Construction of serviced luxury apartments for rent and sale.

USD 15,000,000

I intend to solve the accommodation issues in Sierra Leone by constructing luxury homes for rent and sale. My pitch is ready and available to […]

Business investor needed to invest in a kitchen ware supplies shop

USD 4,000

The business will deal in cutlery,glasses, plates, glasses,ovens,microwaves,fruit cutters,serving dishes among others

Business investor and business partner needed

USD 100,000

Hello my name is Thompson I’m the founder of skymedianews, skymedianews is digital media news publishing company that will be covering all sorts of news […]

Project finance and loans

USD 600,000,000

We do finance project both new and old projects,we also give out loans from US$10 million to US$1 billion.give out bank instruments for oil and […]

Business opportunity for investor

USD 50,000

Skymedianews is a digital media and publishing site which will be covering all sort of news categories both in local and foreign scence, by targeting […]